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Advantages To Fitting Draught Excluders

Advantages To Fitting Draught Excluders

Fitting draught excluders is a good subject for anyone looking to save money and energy and if that is you, then you will certainly find the next few lines interesting and informative. It has been time tested and proven over and over again that draught-proofing is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for proper air circulation in homes. There is no doubt that draught is very essential because it helps bring fresh air into homes. They help a lot in reducing dampness and condensation and mould. However, on the flip side is that draughts are not exactly controlled. Hence this often leads to letting in of too much cold air and significant amount of heat is lost in the bargain.door draught excluders

How Draught Proofing Should Be Done
Though there are many DIY options as far as draught extension is concerned, it would be always better to look for professionals to do a thorough job of it. Here are a few important areas of homes that should be kept in mind while going in for draught exclusion.

Identification of gaps that are unwanted and gaps that let in cold air is the first step that should be taken up. The most obvious places to look for such gaps are windows, doors (keyholes and letterbox holes in particular). Electrical fittings on ceilings and walls are also places where draught proofing might be need.

Pipeworks from kitchen that lead to the outside of the homes should also be considered as a potential place which could let is cold air on a continuous basis.

Loft hatches, floorboards that are suspended, and wall-to-ceiling joints are also places where these draught exclusion methods could be necessary.

Save Energy and Lower Your Costs
It does not require rocket science to understand that when the home is air tight and there are no areas uncovered, the energy efficiency levels get increased quite significantly. Though it may not be possible to quantify the exact savings, it has been found that around 10% to 12% savings on energy cost is very much possible and realistic.

Cost Vs Benefitsdraught excluders window
Yes it does cost money to do draught proofing and hence it is quite natural to have a look at cost versus benefits. Though the initial cost could run into a few hundred pounds, this should be looked at from the long term perspective. It is very much possible that the costs could be recovered within a year because of savings in energy costs. Hence when looked at from the long term perspective good draught exclusion perhaps could help save a few thousand pounds over the next few years, which is very attractive to say the least.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Draught Excluders Today!
A trip to your nearest DIY shop is all you need to get started. There are many different types of draught excluders available to buy, for windows doors and all of the other places that draughts can sneak in, some are easier to fit than others, and of course they all vary in cost and effectiveness.

If you decide that DIY is a route that you don’t want to go down, then your local handyman is the person to call. For the Nottingham area, Hometrades 4U is a reputable and reliable local handyman for you to call. We will be happy to come to your home, take a look at your draught problem and give you a free quote, so that you can have a draught free and warmer winter as a result.

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Another way to drastically reduce draughts if you don’t have double glazing is to apply secondary double glazing to your windows. The video below shows a cheap but effective way that you can do just that.

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