Whether you own apartments, condominiums, or even single-family homes that you rent to individuals, repair work is inevitable. Perhaps a tenant banged up a wall while moving a sofa or someone’s cat ruined all of the trim work in an apartment. This type of thing happens more often than a person would think. If the landlord does not have these things taking care of within a short amount of time, then the situation will continue to deteriorate as the building ages. It is best to take care of problems as soon as possible after they happen so as not to further the damage. It is also less expensive to make fixes as needed rather than waiting until numerous properties must have work done. It does not matter if you own only one property or if you have many, you are going to need a handyman. He will be able to handle everything from easy repairs to remodeling work.

As tenants are moving in and out, they run up against walls and mar the paint, bang furniture into door jams and leave dents, and sometimes even run something into a light fixture to the point that it breaks. Unfortunately, these types of mishaps are just part of the territory of property maintenance. Having a handyman on call is particularly useful in these types of situations.

After a tenant moves out, you can have him come in and make all the repairs that are needed. This will typically involve patching walls, repainting, replacing trim and fixtures as necessary, and possibly even doing some carpet and flooring replacement. Some of this is a normal part of property maintenance. However, depending on the severity of the damages, oftentimes a tenant’s security deposit will be kept to pay the handyman for larger and unexpected repairs.

A handyman will also take care of other seasonal property maintenance and cleaning. These services could include window washing, exterior painting, gutter cleaning and even changing the batteries in the smoke alarms. You should draw up a contract that states the types of services that you will require along with a schedule of when you would like those services to be performed. Rates will depend on how often you will need these things done and how complicated the work is. If you own numerous properties, and are able to keep your repairman busy, you may be able to receive some sort of a discount. It never hurts to ask.

A local handyman can help clean up after some messy tenants. Find one today!

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