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LCD TV Wall installation tips

One of the major advantages of having a flat screen tv is the range of locations that you are able to position your screen, ranging from a rough surface wall, a brick wall, or even a plasterboard stud wall.

Mounting your tv on a chimney breast above a fireplace frees up space in the room and is a classy addition to the space’s atmosphere. It is just as easy as setting up a TV wall bracket on a wooden wall or smooth plaster finish.

The same safety preventative measures ought to be followed regardless of the placing of the wall brackets.

As soon as you have actually decided that your chimney breast area is the ideal location for your LCD television, do some research to find the appropriate mounting devices.

Your television bundle might include a wall installation bracket, but it might not be relevant to your final location. It is best to choose your own TV brackets because that way you can buy the bracket best suited to your wall type and see how the TV brackets will fit on the wall.

Be aware that you may need an electrician to assist you with the electrical wiring in some installations.

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Use a fixed flat wall mount or tilt mount for the fireplace wall. Check the TV manual for recommendations on wall installs. Take measurements of the distance of the sofa to the wall and height of the television screen for the optimum location on the wall.

When you go to buy your bracket, ask the assistants if they have display screens similar to your screen size to see how your tv might look in its final position.

The location looks more professional and neat if you do not see the wires running from the tv to electrical outlets, aerial boxes etc.

A good alternative would be to set up an electrical wall box behind the television or run wires through the wall to the nearest electrical outlet.

This is an easier thing to do when installing on a stud wall, but on a brick wall it requires a channel chiselling out in order to bury your cables into the wall, then replaster to finish.

Be sure you have all the necessary tools for installing the wall mount before starting. Check the markings by using a level to make sure the television wall bracket will be level and square.

Drill and plug where necessary and screw the wall brackets to the appropriate position and screw them to the wall.

And there you have it, a classy, space saving tv mounted to your wall. Now where did I leave that remote…..?

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