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Is installing secondary double glazing a good idea?

During the recent recession, spending on home improvement projects was hardly affected. The reason? Many analysts advised homeowners that it was better to stay and improve rather than move properties, given the unstable economy. So we updated and improved our properties instead.

We did the same with our windows too, instead of replacing our our older upvc windows and frames, we just replaced the misty panes. And for those without double glazing, secondary glazing offered a cheaper alternative than changing the whole frame. Just adding a second pane of glass helped to keep out the cold and improve the insulation and draught proofing, and was a cheaper alternative.

If you are considering secondary double glazing for your home, there are a few facts that you should consider first, which can determine the effectiveness of your glazing investment.secondary glazing nottingham

Firstly, the windows you have need to be in good condition. The frame should be rot free, fitting properly into the brickwork or frame, and have no holes, cracks or rot. There would be no point in spending money to insulate frames that are needing replacement in the near future.

Second, we are trying to achieve a situation where moisture and cold air from the outside cannot get through to the room inside, and for this the window frames you already have need to be strong enough to hold a second pane of glass, and also they need to be square and flat, in order to get a good seal between the frame and the new glass pane.

Third, the ideal gap between the two window panes needs to be somewhere between 16 – 19mm, so the position of your existing glass needs to be checked to see if this is a possibility. It is this air gap the makes such an efficient insulator of heat, if the gap is any larger, the effectiveness of the insulating ability is decreased, meaning that cold air is more likely to transmit through.

Secondary is a good alternative to regular double glazing, it is generally not quite as effective, but offers a good option for anyone looking to improve their home insulation, but that doesn’t have the budget to spend on all new frames and windows, or who’s property is restricted by building regulations. These properties are able to preserve the original windows, and add a secondary glass to improve the insulation.

It is much less expensive to add just a glass pane to existing windows than to change the whole window assembly, and you can choose to add just the pane of glass or a sliding panel, depending on how much you want to spend.

So if you are on a tight budget, but would like to stop some of the draughts and cold transferring through you single pane windows, secondary double glazing offers a less effective, but less expensive alternative to new double glazed windows. Call us for free help and advice on 0115 952 3053 or check out the website at

For an even easier and cheaper option, try using a window insulating film as detailed in the video below.

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