What Things To Consider In A Keyless Entry Door Lock Nottingham

Keyless entry door locks are very convenient and they have become very popular. With a keyless entry door lock, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys ever. Some come with automatic features which make it possible for you to secure the door to automatically if you forget to do so on your way out. You can now gain access to your home or premises with ease. How then do you choose the right door lock?

How does it operate?

With the keyless versions, you have the option of choosing mechanical or electrical locks. The mechanical one does not use any batteries and does not require any kind of wiring. Pressing the button physically moves the parts from within. They however can handle only one secret code at a time. The electrical ones on the other hand need to be wired to electrical circuits and use batteries. They come with better features over mechanical locks including lighted keypads to make seeing the pad in the dark possible, remote programming and video cameras. They can handle a number of user codes at a go.

Deadbolt or Latch bolt

A latch bolt one locks automatically when the door closes whereas a deadbolt needs to be locked manually by turning the knob. Today deadbolts come with advanced features that make it possible for you to change the settings so that automatic securing can happen after some time when the door closes. Deadbolt locks are loved because they are solid while the latch bolt ones are loved for the convenience of automatic locking. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and then make your choice.

The Handle

You can choose a knob handle lock if you want to replace a deadbolt installed above the doorknob. You can also choose a lever handle to replace the existing handle and deadbolt as well. A knob handle is flat and round on the outside while the lever handle has a long lever within and without. Lever handles will always come with latch bolts and not deadbolts so consider this aspect as well.

Single Sided or Double Sided Locks

A single sided lock has the button keypad on one side only while the double sided one has the keypad on both the sides, the inside and the outside. It means, therefore that with a single-sided lock, you require entering your combination only when accessing the building from outside, but exiting the building does not require the combination. For the double sided lock, you will need to enter the combination when entering and exiting the building. It can be a great choice for garden gates or pool areas.

A keyless entry door lock can be a huge convenience for you and enhances the security within your space. There are so many options in the market today for the locks and with the right considerations you will have an easier time choosing the best.

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